Pt 431/Ps 81 Unto God, our King

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Pt 431/Ps 81 Unto God, our King




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naar Psalm 81
H.G. Nägeli (1773 - 1836)
Pt 431/Ps 81 Unto God, our King
Pt 431/Ps 81 Unto God, our King

1Unto God, our King,
Joy and strength of Israel,
Lofty anthems sing;
Glorious are His ways,
To His Name give praise
With the harp and timbrel.

2This our festal day
Jacob's God has given;
Solemn joy display
Throughout all the land;
This is the command
Of the God of heaven.

3"Hear, my children, hear,"
Saith the Lord who bore thee;
"Never serve nor fear
Gods of wood or stone;
I am God alone,
Worship and adore Me."

4"Open," saith the Lord,
"Wide thy mouth, believing
This My covenant-word:
'I will, if thou plead,
Fill thine every need,
All thy wants relieving.'

5"O that to My voice
Israel would hearken!
Then they would rejoice,
Walking in My ways,
Bright and joyous days
Ne'er a foe would darken."

6"Most abundant good,
-If thou wouldst but prove Me-
E'en the choicest food,
Honey from the comb,
Wheat the finest known,
I would pour upon thee."