Pt 266 The Holiness of God

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Pt 266 The Holiness of God



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naar Psalm 99
E. Weisz (1830 - 1908)
E.C. Homburg (1605 - 1681)
J.B. Dykes (1823 - 1876)
Billy Sprague/Niles Borop
Pt 266 The Holiness of God
Pt 266 The Holiness of God

1God is King forever: let the nations tremble;
Throned above the cherubim, by all the earth adored;
He is great in Zion, high above all peoples;
Praise Him with fear, for holy is the Lord.

2Merciful as mighty, He delights in justice,
For He reigns in righteousness and rules in equity;
Worship and exalt Him, bowing down before Him,
Perfect in power and holiness is He.

3Holy men of old in Him alone confided;
He forgave their sins, although they felt His chastening rod;
In His holy temple worship and adore Him,
Faithful and holy is the Lord our God.
The Holy One is He.