Pt 415/Ps 25 Unto Thee, O Lord Jehovah

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Pt 415/Ps 25 Unto Thee, O Lord Jehovah




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naar Psalm 25
H.G. Nägeli (1773 - 1836)
Pt 415/Ps 25 Unto Thee, O Lord Jehovah
Pt 415/Ps 25 Unto Thee, O Lord Jehovah

1Unto Thee, O Lord Jehovah,
Do I lift my waiting soul.
O my God, in Thee I trusted;
Let no shame now o'er me roll.
On my enemy be shame,
Oft without a cause transgressing;
But all those who trust Thy Name
Honor with abundant blessing.

2Unto me, O Lord Jehovah,
Show Thy ways and teach Thou me;
So that, by Thy Spirit guided,
Clearly I Thy paths may see.
In Thy truth wilt Thou me guide,
Teach me, God of my salvation;
All the day for Thee I bide,
Lord, with eager expectation.

3Call to mind, O Lord Jehovah,
Tender mercies manifold,
And Thy store of loving kindness
Which has ever been of old.
Sins of youth remember not,
Nor recall my hid' transgression;
For Thy goodness' sake, O God,
Think of me in Thy compassion.

4Good and upright is Jehovah
In His dealings ever more.
Sinners are by Him instructed
In the way untrod before.
He will ever guide the meek
In His judgments true and holy;
Teach His ways to those who seek
With a contrite heart and lowly.

5All the pathways if Jehovah
Speak of truth and mercies pure
Unto such as keep His covenant
And His testimony sure.
For the glory of Thy Name,
Pardon, Lord, my evil-doing;
Grievous though my sin and shame,
Hear my cry, Thy love renewing.

6Who is he that fears Jehovah,
Walking with Him day by day?
God will lead him safely onward,
Guide him in the chosen way.
Then at ease his soul shall rest,
In Jehovah still confiding;
E'en his children shall be blest,
Safely in the land abiding.

7Yea, the secret of Jehovah
Is with those who fear His Name;
With His friends in tender mercy
He His covenant will maintain.
With a confidence complete,
Toward the Lord my eyes are turning;
From the net He'll pluck my feet;
He will not despise my yearning.

8Turn Thou unto me in mercy;
Have compassion on my soul.
I am sore distressed and lonely;
Waves of trouble o'er me roll.
Myriad woes beset my heart,
Myriad doubts and bitternesses;
Thou who my Deliverer art,
Bring me out of my distresses.

9O consider my affliction,
All my travail, Lord, behold;
Grant me full and free remission
Of my trespasses untold.
See mine enemies; for great
Is the number that upbraid me;
Who, in their consuming hate,
With their cruel scorn have flayed me.

10Keep my soul, O gracious Savior;
Come, I pray, deliver me,
Lest my head with shame be covered,
For my refuge is in Thee.
Trusting in Thy power supreme,
Lord, I wait for Thy salvation;
Come, Jehovah, and redeem
Israel from tribulation.