Pt 428/Ps 119 How Blessed Are the Perfect in the Way

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Pt 428/Ps 119 How Blessed Are the Perfect in the Way




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naar Psalm 119
H.G. Nägeli (1773 - 1836)
Pt 428/Ps 119 How Blessed Are the Perfect in the Way
Pt 428/Ps 119 How Blessed Are the Perfect in the Way

1How blessed are the perfect in the way
Who, walking in Jehovah's law with pleasure,
Preserve their piety from day to day.
How blest are they who make His Word their treasure,
Who keep His testimonies and display
Their love for Him whose goodness none can measure.

2O let Thy Spirit be my constant aid,
That all my ways may ever be directed
To keep Thy statues, so to be obeyed,
That from all error I may be protected.
I shall not be ashamed then or afraid,
When Thy commandments I have e'er respected.

3O Lord, how shall a youth preserve his way,
At every turn by vanity surrounded?
In truth, if he Thy statutes will obey,
If on Thy Word his attitudes are founded.
Thou whom I've sought, O let my never stray
From Thy commandments, lest I be confounded.

4The precepts have I hid within my heart,
Lest I should stray and fall into transgression;
O teach Thou me and unto me impart
Thy statutes for a permanent possession.s
In all Thy judgments Thou most righteous art;
Thy truth I praise is rapturous confession.

5O teach me, Lord, the way that I should go;
Then shall Thy servant walk therein forever.
Give understanding all Thy paths to know;
Then shall I keep Thy law with zealous fervor.
Instruct me in Thy perfect will and, lo,
I shall observe it with my whole endeavor.

6O Lord, Thou art my portion and my lot;
I said that I would keep Thy Word forever,
Though to my sorrow I have oft forgot.
With all my heart I now entreat Thy favor:
Be merciful to me and chasten not;
According to Thy Word be Thou my Savior.

7O how I love Thy law! Yea, Thou canst see
Through all the day it is my meditation;
By Thy commandments, Lord, Thou madest me
More wise than all who seek my ruination.
Thy testimonies evermore shall be
The perfect source of all my inspiration.

8Thy Word is as a lamp unto my feet,
A light upon my pathway unto heaven;
I've sworn an oath, which gladly I repeat,
That I shall keep, as always I have striven,
Thy righteous judgments, holy and complete,
When unto me Thy helping grace is given.

9Great peace have they who love Thy perfect law;
They shall not swerve from paths of consecration;
Their happiness shall be without a flaw.
Lord, I have ever hoped for Thy salvation;
All Thy commandments I have kept with awe;
The precepts are my daily meditation.

10Grant life unto my soul, O Lord, I pray;
Shed still the brightness of Thy presence o'er me;
Then shall I praise Thee in a perfect way,
Yea, let Thy judgments quicken and restore me.
Thy servant like a sheep has gone astray,
Yet Thy commandments I will keep before me.