Pt 134 Praise and Trust

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Pt 134 Praise and Trust



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naar Psalm 48
George J. Elvey.
Pt 134 Praise and Trust
Pt 134 Praise and Trust

1Within Thy temple, Lord,
in that most holy place,
We on Thy lovingkindness dwell,
The wonders Thy grace.
Men sing Thy praise, O God,
Where'er Thy Name is known;
By every deed Thy hand hath wrought
Thy righteousness is shown.

2Let Zion now rejoice,
And all her children sing;
Let them with thankfulness proclaim
The judgments of their King.
Mount Zion's walls behold,
About her ramparts go,
And number ye the lofty towers
That guard her from the foe.

3Observe her palaces,
Mark her defenses well,
That to the sons that follow you
Her glories you may tell;
For God as our own God
Forever will abide,
And till life's journey close in death
Will be our faithful guide.