Pt 423/Ps 97 Jehovah Reigns As King

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Pt 423/Ps 97 Jehovah Reigns As King




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naar Psalm 97
H.G. Nägeli (1773 - 1836)
Pt 423/Ps 97 Jehovah Reigns As King
Pt 423/Ps 97 Jehovah Reigns As King

1Jehovah reigns as King,
To Him all homage bring;
Ye islands, earth, and ocean,
Break forth in glad devotion.
Dark clouds of secrecy
Enshroud His majesty.
The pillars of His throne
Are fixed on truth alone
And perfect equity.

2Consuming flames deploy
Before Him, to destroy
His foe men round about Him,
Who vainly seek to flout Him.
His lightning bolts, when hurled,
Enlightened all the world;
Earth saw and quaked with fear,
To see His wrath appear,
And thunderous clouds unfurled.

3The hills, as wax by fire,
Are molten at His ire,
When God on His creation
Pours flaming indignation.
The heavens in awe express
His perfect righteousness.
Let all the nations see
His glorious majesty,
His royal power confess.

4Confounded be all they
Who in their folly pray
To gods of man's creation
And boast in vain salvation.
Jehovah, Him we laud,
For He alone if God.
Come, all ye gods draw near,
And worship Him with fear,
By His dominion awed.

5All Zion then rejoiced,
When in her gates were voiced
The judgments, O jehovah,
Which Thou hast wrought for Judah.
Her daughters sang with mirth,
For high above the earth,
Thou, who art God alone,
Hast made Thyself a throne
And magnified Thy worth.

6Ye lovers of the Lord,
To Him all praise accord;
Rejoice in your confession
And hate all base transgression.
Jehovah keepeth well
The saints in Israel;
He frees them from the snare
That wicked men prepare,
And makes them safely dwell.

7Jehovah's kindly face
Gives happiness and grace
To all that are pure-hearted;
To them is life imparted.
Rejoice in God, ye just,
He raised you from the dust;
Give thanks, ye people all,
His holy Name recall,
Repose in Him your trust.