Pt 349 Love for the Lord's House

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Pt 349 Love for the Lord's House



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naar Psalm 122
Josua Stegmann
F.C. Atkinson
Peter Sohren (17e eeuw)
Pt 349 Love for the Lord's House
Pt 349 Love for the Lord's House

1My heart was glad to hear the welcome sound,
The call to seek Jehovah's house of prayer;
Our feet are standing here on holy ground,
Within thy gates, thou city grand and fair.

2God's people to Jerusalem repair
To hear His word and worship Him with praise;
The throne of justice stands eternal there,
Messiah's throne through endless length of days.

3Let earnest prayer be made for Zion's peace;
Thy sons who hold thee dear shall prosper well;
May blessing in thy palaces increase
And peace within thy walls forever dwell.

4For all my brethren and companion's sakes
My prayer shall be, Let peace in thee abide;
Since God the Lord in thee His dwelling makes,
To thee my love shall never be denied.